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IAC Campus

HaArba'a St 4

Tel-Aviv, Israel

We have some great workshops* for you!

VRay is a powerful render engine for 3d visualization and cinema. In order to get the best results and produce thos beautiful renderings and shots  some fine tuning must be applied.

In this workshop from the creators of VRay you will learn how to improve the visual quality of your renderings and really amaze your clients.

Anastasia Zhivaeva - Chaos Group

Nailing Those Renders with VRay

Cinema 4D has been on the rise for archviz in the past few years. It's ease of use and integration with VRay have made it a worthy runner up for the visualization pipeline.


Gil Kadosh will instruct you in the secrets of his beautiful and inspiring technical art and show you how you can get good and fast results out of Cinema 4D.

Gil Kadosh - C4D Licensed Instructor

Cinema 4D Tips & Tricks for Artists

It's no secret that real time architectural visualizations became a thing four years ago as Epic Games released their Unreal Engine into the fray for free. But the true power of real time lies in the ability to freely roam inside a space that was until now static or linear at best.

In this workshop you will create your first walkthrough in archviz with the power of Unreal.

Arie Croiotru - VirtU VR

My First Walkthrough with Unreal

As an artist you strive for the best quality, but as a business you are sometimes faced with conflicting choices. How do you make the right decisions both as an artist and as a business?

Fabio Palvelli's workshop will help you with tips and advice on how to balance your business and art and still be ahead of game.

Fabio Palvelli - Chaos Group

Mixing Art and Business

* With a Super Early Bird, Early Bird and Regular ticket you are entitled to ONE of our four workshops. 
   A workshop that does not have at least 3 participants will not take place.

   The content of the workshops is set and cannot be changed.

* The Workshops will take place at IAC - The Israeli Animation and Design College - HaArba'a St 4