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- 1 Scope of application:
The following “General Terms and Conditions” apply to the attendance of events (seminars, workshops, events …) of CGTalks. Deviating agreements must be in writing. By registering for an event, the customer agrees to these general terms and conditions and binds to them. (2) Should individual provisions of these General Terms and Conditions be contrary to mandatory statutory provisions (in particular the provisions of the KSchG), the remaining provisions of these General Terms and Conditions remain valid.

- 2 Application:
CGTalks reserves the right to change the contents of this website at any time. All offers of CGTalks (brochures, catalogs, price lists, webshop …) are free. The contract is concluded by acceptance of the application by CGTalks. If an application cannot be accepted, the customer will be notified immediately. Registrations will be considered in the order of their arrival according to available number of participants. Each registration is binding.

- 3 Cancellations:
Cancellations can only be accepted in writing. Cancellations can be made up to 30 days before the start of the event free of charge. For cancellations received less than 30 days before the start of the event the complete participation fee will be payable upon non-attendance. The designation of a substitute participant is possible at any time free of charge.

- 4 Prices:
As a matter of principle, the participation fee is agreed upon, which is derived from the current brochures, catalogs, price lists, webshop and similar publications by CGTalks. Unless stated otherwise, all prices are given as gross prices, including statutory value-added tax.

- 5 Terms of payment:
The entry fee must be paid before the start of the event. The settlement is in ILS. In the case of a later entry into an event, a reduction of the participation fee is not envisaged, in the case of an early withdrawal. The customer is obligated to replace CGTalks with all dunning and collecting papers necessary for proper legal prosecution due to his default of payment. CGTalks reserves the right to assert a higher arrears.​

- 6 Program changes / cancellations:
Due to the long-term planning of events, CGTalks reserves the right to make organizational changes, such as changes to dates, start times, locations or lectures, as well as event cancellations. Participants are informed of this in due time and in a suitable manner. This shall not be used as a substitute for expenses incurred and other claims against CGTalks. The same applies to short term delays. If an event must be canceled, a full refund of already paid participation fees will be made.

CGTalks is free in the design of the workshops, but it is mainly based on the program points announced in the homepage and information materials. For the period of the workshops, we provide reserved premises. The selection of these premises is the responsibility of CGTalks. No claims for compensation or compensation can be claimed for special claims by individual participants with regards to equipment, location and personal opinions with respect to the selected event space.

- 7 Warranty:
The guarantee shall be made in accordance with the law. Provisions only for events.

- 8 Compensation for damages:
CGTalks is only liable for damages in case of willful intent or gross negligence, with the exception of damage to persons. The existence of slight or gross negligence, if it is not a consumer business, must prove the injured party. The replacement of (defect) consequential damage and pure property damage is excluded from the contractors. For the formal or contentual correctness of the data in the event documents cannot be assumed a liability of CGTalks in any case. Further compensation claims (in particular travel expenses, flight costs, hotel costs, etc.) in case of cancellation of a seminar by CGTalks cannot be claimed.